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Flexible Work

Redefine work with mobile, flexible workforce solutions

Having the right tools and technology enables flexible work, and employees who are able to work flexibly are more engaged. Mobile technology has changed business, making work a thing people do, not a place people go. As organizations adopt new mobile and workplace technology to embrace more flexible work styles, our workforce is being revolutionized.

Our mobile driven technology provides employees with the ability to react quickly and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere at any time, increasing engagement and productivity.

We know that it’s crucial to keep your business data secure on both company-owned and personal devices, controlling how company devices access your network. We’re committed to ensuring your solutions are carefully managed and drive the best business results. Learn how advances in workforce technology can foster creativity, productivity and collaboration, making your workforce a force to be reckoned with.


Adapting to the evolving mobility environment

Organizations increasing rely on wireless networks for key functions, from basic email and time management to advanced field service automation and real-time system monitoring. But all networks are not created equal. The type of network you deploy impacts other key mobility requirements, including security, accessibility and efficiency. Failing to consider your network infrastructure requirements may jeopardize future mobility initiatives.

Rogers Network Infrastructure solutions deliver the flexibility, speed and security businesses need. Control how company devices access your network. Leverage defined access and security policies. Configure connected solutions for redundancy, and ensure their availability for your remote and mobile workforce. Rogers can help you deploy an infrastructure that meets your organization’s current needs and will adapt to your evolving mobility environment.

Rogers Versatile Network Solutions

Wireless connectivity

  • Primary Wireless Connectivity
  • Wireless Backup Connectivity

Network Design & Build

  • Business Wi-Fi
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • In-Building Cellular Enhancement
  • Rogers-BES10 Rapid Deployment
  • Custom Access Point Names

Managed Network Services

  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Virtual Managed Network Services

Fibre & Cable

  • Business Internet
  • Private Networking
  • Ethernet
  • MPLS
  • Optical Wavelength Services
  • Voice
  • SIP Trunking
  • All-in-One SIP Bundle
  • Fibre and Cable Network Advantage


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